Waldorf.OurTownDaily.org is a community fundraising website that gives 75% of ad revenue and 90% of donations directly to the local Waldorf school of your choice.

Donors and advertisers select one of these schools to receive their donations:
  Credo High School, Rohnert Park
  Live Oak Charter School, Petaluma
  Novato Charter School
  Sebastopol Independent Charter School
  SunRidge School, Sebastopol

Support your Waldorf school:

Donate Monthly

  • Your $1/monthly vote allows us to count you among the number of our supporters for purposes of grants and other sources of funding. Ask your friends and relatives to support your school and community!
  • Your $1/monthly vote directly funds our schools programs

Visit our Business Directory

  • These businesses pay a monthly fee to be listed in our directory which directly funds our schools.
  • These businesses are a part of our community and are often our friends and neighbors.

Create a Business Listing

  • You can add images, description and contact information, as well as hours of operation
  • You can create social media links, and you can even create custom fields for your particular listing.

When you buy from a business in this directory, please remember to thank them for supporting our local Waldorf school!

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