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Mead & Mead’s Maple Syrup

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Hours of operation: by appointment
I am: A local business owner
Which Waldorf school should receive your donation?: Credo High School, Rohnert Park

Mead and Mead’s Maple Syrup was created due to my passion for environmental sustainability and preserving and protecting New England’s maple forests. Having grown up on a family farm in the Berkshires, I noticed that maple syrup was a great way for people to enjoy a homemade sweetener that tasted great and helped preserve and protect the livelihood of local farmers. Mead and Mead’s offers 100% pure maple syrup and related products that are produced on my family’s farm as well as other maple farms in greater New England. Mead and Mead’s is fully focused on providing only the best tasting and highest quality products and I hope you enjoy!

Winter Mead
Founder, Farmer, Friend

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